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Journeying Through Lent



Each Friday evening in Lent, beginning 19 February, at 6pm we will post here and our social media platforms a short video reflection on a passage from Luke's gospel, accompanied by a short activity to mark that step on the journey.  We will hear some sad and searching stories that might make us feel like crying as Jesus did, and you will be invited to make and decorate a teardrop, creating a road of tears to represent the journey to Jerusalem.  Then on Easter Day we will transform the road of tears into flowers of joy.

To help you with your journey you can download a teardrop template here.  You will also need some seets of paper to create a windy road, some pencils/pens/crayons etc along with some bluetac or something similar.

These reflections offer something for everyone.  You are welcome to share your journey with us by sending pictures to office@watlingvalley.org.uk and we will share them here and on our social media pages.