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Space Academy Holiday Club Online 2021



 Welcome to
Space Academy
our Holiday Club Online!


Here you will find all the latest information about this years holiday club.  



Latest News!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Space Academy.  You will be able to find all the latest video's below so come here and check them out if you want to be reminded of what we have been doing.  

We'd love to hear from you during the week - please send your jokes, pictures or video's to spaceacademy2021@watlingvalley.org.uk and we will be able to include them in our special Shout Outs! during the week.


If you would like to make a donation to the life and work of the Watling Valley and support future Holiday Clubs you can do so here.  Thank you!

Space Academy Daily Videos


Day 1

Day 2

Shout Out 1!

Day 3

Day 4

Shout Out 2!

Day 5

Space Academy Celebration Service

Shout Out 3!

Are you prepared to boldly go where no one has gone before?  Then this years Holiday Club promises to be the place for you.!

You are invited to become an Astronaut-in-training and make some amazing discoveries about God as we hear how God worked through Daniel and his friends.  

Even though we are online, we will still have some of the elements you enjoy.  There will be games, stories, discussion and each day you will be set a creative challenge.  We know how much you enjoy the daily soap and so we will once again bring you an exciting enstallment of 'The Final Frontier' where Captain Kim and their crew try to complete their mission, but will they succeed!

We will meet via zoom daily between 10am and 11am (2-6 August) or you can join in via our website if you prefer anytime.  The zoom link will be emailed out to you upon registration.  There will be times when we breakout into small groups but mostly we'll all be together.


We will be holding a Partnership Service on Sunday 8 August at 10am online where we will be celebrating all that has been happening at Holiday Club with family and friends.  Do please join us if you can.




Safeguarding is really important to us whether we meet onsite or online.  All our volunteers are DBS checked and we follow our Safeguarding Policy.  You can find out more information by clicking here.  If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Can't make the live sessions?  No problem!


You will still be able to join in all the fun of Holiday Club by watching our videos when you are free.  You can even share your pictures, jokes and videos  with us so that we can include them in our Shout Outs!  These will happen at various points through the week with one final shout out in early September.  Just check back here from time to time.  When there's an update we will share it on all our social media platforms.


What will my Resource Pack include?


In your resource pack you will receive everything you need for a fun filled week.  This includes all the resources you need for the craft activities, a resource book, tshirt, certificate along side a few fun goodies as well.  We ask for a donation of £10/child towards our costs.  This is a donation and not a charge so please feel free to give what you can, and if you are able to please gift aid your donation.


The resource packs will be delivered to you the week before Holiday Club starts either by hand or by post depending where you live in the country.


What do I need to do now?


We have a limited supply of resource packs left if you would like one, for a donation, please email office@watlingvalley.org.uk and we can arrange something.


We really want to hear from you!


We really do want this to be as interactive as possible. So please send us your jokes, pictures and video contributions to:




We will then include them in our Shout Outs! 

If you have any problems sending things through just let us know. 

Please feel free to start sending in your jokes whenever you think of them, they are one of the highlights of the week!


What peope have said about our holiday club last summer - Mission:Rescue Online!

'I have enjoyed seeing everyone and taking part.'

'I will miss seeing everyone and listening to the silly jokes.'

'I have learnt that anything is possible - who would have thought - Holiday Club Online - smashed it!'

'I've enjoyed everything apart from leaving.'

Check out the pictures and video's below to find out what happened last year.


We're looking forward to a summer that is out of this world!